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My name is Luis. I'm 20 years old soon to be 21. I live in Southern California. There's not much more to know about me but if there's something else you want to know all you have to do is ask.



Light Walls House

Located in Toyokawa city, the “Light Walls House” is a wooden house imagined by Japanese studio mA-style architects. White, minimalist and decorated with plants, this building has a structure which allows the light to reflect on the ground and on the walls in order to create patterns thanks to a trick of shadows and rays.

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Lmfao wtf Christians chill out!

I’m so scared of Christians yet so amazed

goodbye goodbyeeyeyayf

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Just a little late night snack #filibertos #carneasadafries

Just a little late night snack #filibertos #carneasadafries